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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

"Is this ready yet?"

Not really... It's a work in progess! We count on you to help us make this a better website.

How does this site works?

"Portugal in Photos" is a site where registeredusers can upload photos of portuguese national tourist interest, organized by districts and counties. Visitors can then navigate the various districts and counties and wathc the many photos they contain.

What's the logic of ordering photos?

For each photo it's ranking position is calculated every hour. This ranking is calculated based on the number of votes and the average score vote. When visitors crawl the several listings in "Portugal in Photos", the photos are presented in ranking order. So when a user enters a specific district or county page, the 1st photo presented, according to the ranking, is the "best" one of that district or county.

Why do the photos go through a validation process before being published?

"Portugal in Photos" is not intended to be a personal album of photos, but a site where the user can find quality photos properly framed in the several sections.

Who runs this site?

"Portugal in Photos" was developed and is owned by Webdados - Tecnologias de Informação, Lda.

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